Club Fitting Services at Golf Plus

Club Fitting is performed by one of our trained club fitting experts using launch monitor technology

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How Golf Plus Club Fitting Services Work

We start all of our fittings at Golf Plus with a player interview during a warm-up session. We find out the players experience and skill level. We then find out the players goals for the fitting. The last thing we do is to evaluate the players’ current equipment.

Driver Fittings
Utilizing the data generated by our launch monitor (club head speed, spin rates, launch angles, etc.), we will determine what shaft flex, weight and kick points combined with head design, loft and directional bias will deliver optimal performance for our player. We will put together several clubs for the player to hit to find the very best fit for body type and swing mechanics. Grip type and size will complete the session.

Iron Fittings
Using many of the same data points from the launch monitor, we can make determinations of shaft flex and weight. We will discuss the type of head design that the player prefers. We will take measurements of the player (height, wrist-to-floor, along with lie board strikes) to determine the length of the club and the proper lie angle. After selecting grip type and size, we will talk to the player to come up with the set make-up determining whether hybrids should be part of the set and what wedges should be included.

Wedge Fittings
We start our wedge fittings by deciding if the player prefers a game improvement (more forgiveness) club or a performance wedge or a combination of both. Again, we use data from the launch monitor, spin rates and launch angles mostly to determine shaft composition, stiffness and weight. Next we will look at bounce angles and sole grind configurations to match the players dominant turf conditions. Finally we will decide the proper spacing of loft angles to cover all the players’ needs. Grip type and size will also be chosen.

All of our fittings end with feedback from the player and ensuring that all of their questions have been answered.

Two Fitting Options

Driver Fitting $50
Iron Fitting $50
Fitting fee is credited toward purchase of driver or irons

Golf Plus features the latest launch monitor technology using a smart camera system that accurately measures all ball launch parameters at impact – velocity, vertical launch angle,  back-spin, side-spin and total spin.


  • Uses a stereoscopic, smart camera system
  • Can simulate any environment
  • Can be set up in range mode or course mode
  • Full colored HD graphics displayed for easy feedback

Game Improvement Options

  • $20 Hit a Bucket Using Range Mode
  • $25 for an hour, play one of five famous courses

Bushnell Launch Pro – Accuracy Above All

Your pursuit of longer drives, more accurate carries and lower scores requires knowing the critical data points of your swing. A personal launch monitor will give you these data points, however, not all launch monitors are created equal.

Unlike radar-based systems that setup behind the golfer and rely on algorithms to guess what happened at impact, the Launch Pro combines proprietary high speed/high resolution cameras with infrared which has been optimized in an auto-calibrating three-camera system to deliver Tour-level performance and accuracy on every shot. We literally see impact like never before and this allows you to trust your swing when it matters most.

Launch-Pro-Sell-Sheet (PDF)

Launch Pro Features:

Anytime. Anywhere.

The Launch Pro measures what matters, and we do it with the most accuracy and consistency of any personal launch monitor. Launch Pro provides exact carry distance, clubhead speed, launch and spin. When you know your numbers and measure what matters the most, you can take your practice sessions and performance on the course to the next level.

Know Your Numbers

Where other launch monitor technologies struggle with ambient light sensitivity, small hitting windows and incomplete performance capturing capabilities, Launch Pro delivers unmatched precision and reliability both indoors and outdoors. You can choose any practice venue you want with Launch Pro: the range, the course, your garage or your own simulator room. You can now practice any aspect of your game anywhere, anytime you want.

True-to-Life Simulation

Launch Pro gives you true-to-life simulation and lets you enjoy the best of both worlds by allowing you to play on the world’s best courses and dialing in your game on the range. Launch Pro precisely captures and analyzes ball and club performance where they matter most – at impact – to give you unmatched ball flight data in any space you can safely swing a club. Whether you want a basic setup in your garage or a custom indoor simulator room, Launch Pro is the answer.

What we measure:

Ball Launch Data

  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Horizontal & Vertical Launch Angle
  • Total Spin
  • Spin Tilt Axis (Side Spin & Back Spin)*

Club Data

  • Club Head Speed (With Sticker on Club)
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path*
  • Angle of Attack*

* Included with Gold software subscription

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Club Fitting Terms to Remember

Launch angle: The angle in degrees at which the ball leaves the club face, measured relative to the ground.

Ball speed: The speed of the ball in miles per hour (mph) as it leaves the club face.

Backspin:The rotational spin of the ball in revolutions per minute (rpm) as it leaves the club face.

Swing speed:The speed of the club head in mph just before ball impact.

To Schedule a Club Fitting call 812-477-7529