Golf Plus is proud to provide the widest variety of demo baseball and fastpitch softball bats, as well as golf clubs, across the Tri-State! We encourage customers to “try before they buy” to ensure quality satisfaction. Of course, our professionally trained staff looks forward to building authentic relationships with customers during this process.

To cover our labor costs and wear and tear on demo equipment, we charge customers a small fee to use our demos. Should customers buy from Golf Plus following their “try before they buy” experience, the fees originally charged to use demos will be credited toward the purchase.

We enforce these guidelines:

We do not charge to hit five balls with one club or one bat.

We charge $25 to demo multiple size bats of the same model, or multiple models.

We charge $25 to try multiple drivers or irons without our FORESIGHT simulator.

We charge $50 to try multiple drivers or irons with the FORESIGHT simulator.

Demo clubs and bats are to be used in our range.

To demo bats and golf clubs outside of Golf Plus, customers must pay full price for item(s) desired to try in addition to the $25 fee. These payments must be placed prior to the “try before you buy” experience. If a customer wishes to purchase item(s) following the “try before you buy” experience, we will refund the $25 fee and present a new, unused model of the demo. If a customer does not wish to purchase item(s) following the “try before you buy” experience outside of the store, we will refund the full price of item(s) paid prior, except the $25 fee.

Have questions? Please feel free to call us: 812-477-7529.